Attire & Back Packing

Attire for trekking

1.   Dont wear Tight Jeans.(Infact avoid Jeans , wear Tracks if possible.
      Preferably Cotton shirts of light colour with cotton  shorts. Keep an extra pair for emergency).
2.  Trekking shoes of good quality(Hunter Shoes).
3.  Hat / cap to ward off sunlight. Sweaters in winter.
4.  Wind cheater / rain coat during rains.

BackPack of a Trekker

Trekking requires a set of basic items. Some essential and optional items are given below:
1.    Sufficient amount of cash.
 2.   Water Min(2 Ltr).
 3.   Food material (LUNCH + SNACKS)
 4.   First aid box.
 5.   Antidehydrate.
 6.   Glucose.
 7.   Torch with batteries.
 8.   Marker or chalk.
9.    Rope.
 10. A good pair of shoes.
 11. Cap (preferably of cotton).
 12. Cutlery(Knives,spoon,etc.)
 13. Camera and its accessories (if interested in photography, always carry an extra pair of batteries).
 14. Wastepaper (old newspaper).
 15. Polythene bags.
 16. Toiletries soap, toothpaste/ brush, shaving kit, comb, toilet paper, etc.
 17. Paper dishes.
 18. Mosquito repellent.
 19. Scribbling pad and pen.
 20. Bedsheet (minimum 2)/ Sleeping Bag.
 21. Please avoid carrying valuables, jewellery or expensive things.
 22.  Trek route-map

BackPack of a Group Leader / Guide

1.       First aid kit. (contents described later)
2.       A medium size knife in sheath (a Swiss Army knife).
3.       Alum (200 gm) /Chlorine  for clarifying turbid water.
4.       Kerosene (200 ml) for lighting fire.
5.       Match, lighter, candle.
6.       Tweezers for pulling out thorns.
7.       Maps, brochure, GPS, compass.

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