Trek to Gorakhgad

Trek :- Gorakhgad
District :- Thane
Height above mean Sea Level :- 2140 feet
Base village :- Dehari
Region :- Malshej

Gorakhgad is a small Hill Fort .
It has a very beautiful panoramic view since it is surrounded by beautiful mountains /forts.
The fort gets its name from Saint Gorakhnath, who performed his Sadhana at this place.
It be done easily in a day, both from Mumbai and Pune. Gorakhgad attracts trekkers due to its pinnacles, which offer good opportunities for rock-climbing. It’s a very simple trek just few hours walk and you can find yourself at the top of fort easilyFort Gorakhgad is quite small in size.There is enough availability water and Caves which can accommodate approx 50 people.

This Trek was organized by INSPIRE group.
Our reporting point was Kalyan station @7:30 am.
We got into bus for Murbad (8:00am) and reached there at around 09:30am and we just missed the direct bus from Murbad to Dehari.
So conductor @Murbad gave us alternate option to get into a bus till Narivali. And from Narivali we can get JEEP till Dehari village. So not wasting the time we did the same.

The route to Gorakhgad starts from behind the Gorakhshanath Temple also called Vithal Mandir which is opposite to Dehari Village.Here you can spot the temple on top of Gorakhgad fort and a flag fluttering. By walking few minutes we reached to first plateau. From the 1st plateau you can see vast plains of the Konkan. This region of Gorakhgad and Machchindragad has a dense forest cover. We always have a rule to get lost or in trek at least once. But for the first time even in this dense vegetation we were able to reach at top without any confusion.
From this 2nd patch actually you can see wall of fort.There are steps carved on the rocks & you will be able to see entrance of fort. There was a step on which something was written in devnagari script.When you enter the fort you can find large spacious caves.The main attraction @Grokhgad Caves and pinnacle of Machinndra right in front. One can see Naneghat, Jivdhan , Dhakoba in the east and the entire range and vast Konkan plains on the left. There are water Tanks near Caves,water in these tanks are not potable.

Reaching the cave is quite an easy trek. If one wishes to go to the top in the temple. The difficult part of our trek starts from here, one will have to be a very careful covering the rest patch.Most of the steps have niches so that one can climb them with utmost care & ease.
Finally we reached at top. It took around 1 ½ hr to reach at top.
Try out Gorakhgad it's a thrill......enjoy it!


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